Friday, April 9, 2010

In the begining

Installing the moisture barrier inside foundation before lifting modular pieces into place.

Well, Here goes nothing. I read a lot of other blogs from other farmers and homesteader's, Though I would give it a shot.
I have always wanted to own a small farm and raise a few animals, Have a big garden and see if I could make a little money along the way. So 2 1/2 years ago I got 3 acres of my own, Had a modular house built and moved in (I also got a friend of mine to buy the 3 acres next to me.). So because of the money factor, I have decided that my first livestock will be WORMS. 5000 of them. They arrived last week and are now in a bottomless box eating coffee grounds and horse manure and making vermacompost that I need to improve the land that I now live on.
So if you would like to follow along and see what a worm farmer's life is about, come back and check out my Blog.

Crane lifting the second half of the house into place.

House completed

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