Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I know, I know!

I know its been awhile and I promised pictures this time......Well!
The weather has been nothing but HOT, HOT Hot!!!. Last week end the temps were in the 100,s and nothing is growing but weeds. And the things that have tried to grow are getting eaton by the bugs or the crows! Yes I said CROWS! I had a volunteer watermelon plant that had come up in a compost pile that I had not turned and I let it grow (watering it almost daily!) and it had 5 good size melons on it that were doing real well, Then yesterday afternoon the Crows found it and pecked opened 4 of them. I was able to salvage only a part of one of them and what was left the deer got to last night. There is one left and one cantaloupe. I put a milk box over them in the hopes that the Crows will not be able to get to them.
The rest of the garden is a total loss. As I said in an earlier post, we missed spring and went right into summer with the temperature's in the mid to high 90's and no rain. The water bill has doubled from what it was last year. And still we will not get very much if anything out of the years garden.
The only thing that has worked for us is the CSA. We get a bag of produce each week and that has helped to fill the gap. We have gotten corn, green beans, Lima beans, egg plant, new potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, radishes and watermelon. Oh and tomatoes and peaches!
I am looking forward to August 20 th! I will be going on vacation to Coopers Rock West Vagina and to our one hundred and second Family Reunion! The reunion will be held on the 21st in Morgantown (about 13 miles west of Cooper Rock) and I will be camping for the three days around the reunion. I found this side of the family while doing some family history research a few years back and decided that I wanted to camp out instead of stay in a motel for the week- end. So it well be and Daisy camping out for three days. And I know that at least the night time temps will be down in the 60's!!!!! And I will have pictures for sure!
Talk to you then.

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