Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rain......Its a beautiful thing!

Yes it is. When the rain does not fall for almost two months and the daytime temperature's are in the high 90's, IT SURE IS. Last week we had two nights of thunder storms and maybe 3/4 inch of rain. We would get up in the morning and the temps would be down and you could not tell that it had rained. No puddles or mud to speak of. The ground soaked it all up. But the frogs were making all kinds of noise and it just looked greener all around! But in a couple of day's the 90's were back and the sun was beating down. Then came this afternoon (about 2:45), The thunder storms came back and the clouds opened again and we had heavy downpours for about 20 min. Its 7:04 pm and the clouds are still here and we get a short shower every now and then.
On another note, I have one more work day and then I will be going on vacation (excuse me while I do a little dance!). Early Friday morning about 5:00 am I will be getting up and packing the truck and heading to Coopers Rock state park West VA. That's just outside Morgan town West VA. Where we will have our 102ND Stewart Family Reunion. That's consecutive sense 1908! I will do some camping for three day's and attend the reunion on Saturday and return home on Monday. I can not tell you how much fun this reunion can be! and the best part will be all the beer I will consume this week-end!
I found this side of the family while doing family history research back in 1998 and contacted one of the reunion board members and found out about the reunion and went for the first time in 1999 (the 93RD). And have tried to go each year sense then. Cooper Rock state park has a really nice camp ground (hot showers and electricity at each camp site!). And the cost is $23.00 a night! The other people that come for the reunion will stay at motels in town and pay for one night what I will spend all week-end long! Boy am I looking forward to this week-end!!!
Well the rain has started again and I need to get some work done. I know I keep saying I will get some pictures posted, But you can be sure that I will be posting some after this week-end. Talk to you later.

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