Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reunion, part 1

I have decided to make this a multi part post, because there is so much to talk about. Sorry it has taken me so long to get the pictures up and get a post done. But here thay are (at least some of them) This first one was taken Sunday morning after a night of rain. This is the view from my tent as I drink my morning coffee. Daisy and I left home about 9 am Friday morning and arrived here at 5:45 pm. Its a 456 mile trip and had to stop a few times for Daisy to do her thing. "Here" is "Coopers Rock State Forrest" WV. About 12 or 13 miles outside Morgantown WV. The campground where we stay is Reilly nice and well maintained. Its $23.00 a night and each site has power and there are hot showers and even a Landry room (added just this year). We got camp set up and got dinner taken care of (chili/cheese fries and hot dogs) and got a nice camp fire going. The night time temps got down into the 60's and it sure was nice to set and watch the fire and have a few beers! We called it a night around mid-night and went to bed. Daisy woke me about 3 am because she was frighten by the lighting and all the rain. It was beating on the tent and I lay and listened for awhile, and the next thing I know it's 7:30 am and Daisy needs to go out. It was still raining lightly and once she finished her morning routine, she dove under the table and that's where she stayed until the rain stoped.
But the rain did stop and we went to the reunion. There were not a lot of family there this year (about 30 or so), but it was fun and there was the normal good food. After the reunion, we went back to the motel where most every body was staying and that's when the real fun started! Charley (Board member and home beer maker) let me sample a new wheat beer he had just bottled. It was pretty good, altho I was more impressed with his wife's home made wine! (way to go Adrian!!!). But a good time was had by all. And even-tho we had eaten pretty good at the reunion, we ordered pizza to go with the beer. It was a late night and Daisey and I got back to the camp site around 1 am.
Part 2 coming.


  1. That is an awesome photo! are getting the hang of those darn things afterall!

  2. Pretty picture. Sure makes me miss camping, here in the middle of winter.

  3. varunner,
    Thanks for taking a look at the Blog. The picture was taken by my friend Terri Buckley of "SWIFT RIVER PHOTOES". She has a web-site where she offers photo's of all kinds of subjects. She is very talented and I love her work.