Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two long days

I have Monday's and Tuesday's off work and I got some work done around the homestead. Checking the worm bed doesn't take too long. but not sure about the numbers? There is 21 square feet of living space for the worms and they do not stay on or near the surface. But even when I dig around a little, I don't see a lot. There are supposed to be 5000 of them in there! I hope that I have their inviorment right and that I see some changes to the food/bedding soon.
Got more grass cut and the ditch out front is cut down now.
I picked up 12 lbs of seed potatoes the other day and I cut them up and am letting the cut sides cure for a few days. I hope to get them planted this week-end. There are 4 different types, Red Pontiac, Russet, Yukon gold and Kennebeck. Hope the deer leave them alone this year. They killed my garden last year!!
Tuesday I had a Doctors appointment and I picked up a truck load of horse manure on my way home. This is the first load I have gotten with the new truck. I played Santa to my self this past Christmas and got a 2009 Ford F-150 full size. Man will it hold lots of manure!! It took me over two hours to load it (by hand with a wheelbarrow, ramp and manure fork) and I was able to harvest a hand full of red worms from the load. They went right into the worm bed.
One thing I that I didn't plain on, A SNAKE! I was unloading the truck and as I moved a fork full out of the bed, this snake fell back into the bed. He wasn't very big, maybe 10" long and his only though was "GOT TO GET BACK INTO THE S--T"! And that's what he did as soon as I put him onto the pile on the ground.
Worms crawl in and the worms crawl out. Talk to you latter.

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