Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cast of Charactors

Bella the Catahoula (Whack job) and Luke the Cat (Doofas Matoofas).

Daisy the mutt (Crack Baby).

Ellie the coolest dog ever! (Tuggapun)

Ellie's puppy picture - 6 weeks old.

Dodger the Black Lab (Bug Butt)

My next door neighbor's Mark & Terri

And last but not least... The Worms!

So as promised here are the pictures of the crew. Bela, Daisy and Luke belong to me and Ellie and Dodger belong to Mark and Terri. And of course they belong to no one but them selves. The only one that does not have a picture here is Boo the cat. She is mine and is very much a loner. She is hard to get decent pictures of, But I will try to get some of her on here at a later date. And of course there are no pictures of me here. I will appear later in future posts.
As you can see the worms live in a large box that I hope they will populate Farly quickly and then I will have to build more boxes to house them. That's the way a worm bed works. Once the population grows, I hope to get close-up pictures of them to post here.
As I said in the previous post, Spring passed us by and summer is here! Today it hit 90 and tomorrow is supposed to be 92! And no rain for the last week or so. We need it bad, the garden could sure use it and I am getting tired of running hoses out and watering by hand. The tomatoes are still in their milk jugs (I will remove them Monday) and that has helped to keep the potato bugs off. The jugs will be turned over and placed in the ground next to each plant and that is how they will be watered. Fill the jug once or twice and the water is down at the roots where its needed. The potatoes are up (hand picking bugs already!) and the summer squash is doing well. The deer have not figured out how to get at the tomatoes yet, But when the jugs come off, I will have to start spraying to keep them off until I can get a fence up.
That's it for now, Talk to you later

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