Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rain finlly came

I'm at work and today is my day (night?) at the truck gate. Abut 7 p.m. the clouds rolled in and opened up with rain, wind and thunder. It rained hard for about 45 min and the wind was very strong. its 9 pm and the rain has stopped and from a high of 86 it has probably drooped down to a very nice 70 degrees. the low tonight is supposed to be 67. I hope that some of this rain made it to my place. Its 57 miles from here and I don't know if the storm covered that much area, hope so.
Had the last two days off but couldn't get myself motivated enough to get much done. I did move the compost tumblers moved out to the garden area. I built two tumblers from a couple of 50 gallon plastic barrels I had. Drilled 3/4 holes thou them about 3/4 of the way up from the bottom and ran an pipe thou them and installed them on a stand I made for them. They had been up on marks back deck where I built them and I partly filled one of them with kitchen scraps and horse manure to see how they would work. Add a little water, more scraps and spin them around a few times. When I moved them to the garden, I emptied that one out to see how the compost was doing. Dark and earth smelling compost. Al tho it was a might damp, it seemed to work just fine. So when I got them back on the stand, I filled both with manure, straw, scraps and a little water. Almost to heavy to turn. But with a few turns every day or so, they should be ready to use the compost in a few weeks. If nothing Elsa, I can add it to the worm bed and let them break it down some more. I had all the parts and most of them were free (barrel's were $25.00) and they work.
Sure happy that the rain came
More latter

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