Sunday, May 2, 2010

I think spring forgot us!

Last week the weather was typical for this time of year (low 70's daytime and low 40's at night), But last Friday it went straight to SUMMER!. Fridays high 81, Saturdays 87 and today is 92. Tomorrows forecast high is 85 with afternoon thunder storms (we need the rain), So I will get up as early as I can and get on the tractor. I want to get as much grass (weeds?) cut as I can.
I also have some planting to do, and a couple of flower beds to clean out. Right at the bottom of the front steps is an area about 4' square that my brother (Bert) transplanted a Colorado Columbine into last May when he was here for a visit. I didn't think it would do anything and the weeds out grew it. So late last year I took the bush hog to it. Well early November turned out to be pretty warm and the Columbine came back. It didn't do much more the get about 5' high and then the really cold days of February killed it back. Well it was the first plant to come back this year (even beat the daffodils!) and it now has 6 or 7 dark burgundy flowers standing high above the main plant. So that is the one bed I want to get cleaned out and get more Columbine in there.
update on the garden: all the tomatoes still have plastic milk bottles over them ( the deer are trying to figure out how to get them off. I saw 3 of them clawing at the bottles when I got home last night!!!!) About 20 potato plants are up and the squash are loving this heat. I got other starters in the house and seeds too. But I may still buy more starters if I can find what I want, Flowers too.
I sent the URL address for this Blog to some of the people on my contacts list(hoping someone will read it!?) and I got a E-mail from my niece I have not herd from in awhile. Her husband is in the Air Force and they got orders for a 4 year tour in England. They have 2 kids (teenagers) and they have been over there sense February. They should have a great time over there. I spent 17 years in the Navy and England was the one place I did not get too.
Worm update: Checked the bed yesterday and it was kind of dry and food reserves were down. So I added approx 5 lbs of horse manure and 3 lbs of kitchen scraps and then watered everything down with approx 3 gallons of water. Worms seem to be doing pretty well and I don't remember if I
posted this last time , But I found the first egg in the bed the other day. So in 21 days we should have babies! I know, I know, I Am talking worms here. But they are the only farm animals I have right now. So I can be excited if I want!
I found another Blog That I really like. Its written by a Mom who moved to the country it try and become as self sufficient as possible. Her Blog is funny (Her Pussy Willow story had we in tears!!!) and all kinds of useful info. You should check it out. URL
Well I guess that's it for now.
See ya.

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