Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It been awhile sense my last post. So I'am LAZY!? Here's an up-date.
Memorial day was my regular day off and we spent it with family and friend. we had a cook-out and played games most of the night. Our friend Lisa (hey Lis) came out the Sunday before and helped Terri get somethings organized and helped to get frames ready for Terri's next show (That's another post) and My son Gerry (GMAN!) was also there. It was a good couple of days.
This past Monday and Tuesday I worked on getting the garden mulched and weeded. Of course the weeds were growing better the the vegetables were. But we have been harvesting summer squash for about 2 weeks now and the potatoes look real good. The tomato's have few small green fruits and lots of flowers. I am surprised that the deer have pretty much left them alone. Last year they destroyed 250 plants in less then a week!
I don't remember if I said anything about joining a CSA, But we did. As a plan B if our garden didn't do much this year. We got our first bag of vegetables 3 weeks ago and over the past three Fridays we have gotten the following:
New potatoes - About 4 lbs
Cabbage - two big heads
Summer squash - 10 lbs and counting ( with the squash we get fro out garden we have been eating it, A LOT! and we even mad 9 quarts of bread & butter pickles with them.
Zukinnie squash - I expect to see a lot more of this!
Strawberries - about a lb
Green beans - about 2 lbs
Green peas - Maybe a lb
A bunch of radishes - 1 -1 1/2 lbs
It's early in the season and I expect to see more variety as it goes along.
Well that's it for now. The next post will be about my DIY Compost tumbler (with pictures!)

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